Tesla Coil Design Program

TeslaMap is the most advanced and powerful Tesla coil design program ever created.
But don't worry, it also makes Tesla coil design fast and easy for everyone.

Download TeslaMap

"I have used and referred Tesla coil builders to TeslaMap for several years. It's an excellent design program." Alan Majernick, TeslaStuff.com
"I think TeslaMap is the best program of its kind." Jason P.
"I just downloaded TeslaMap and I love it. It's easy to follow and has been a tremendous help planning my Tesla coil." William W.
"TeslaMap has saved me countless hours of work. It's great!" Mike O.

Save time. TeslaMap can quickly generate a complete, tuned Tesla coil design in 30 seconds or less.


Eliminate errors. Simply enter your parameters and TeslaMap instantly performs all the tedious calculations.

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Reduce costs. TeslaMap is available for free. You can build a great Tesla coil, even with a limited budget.

Save all your Tesla coil designs

Re-open saved designs and build your own Tesla coil design database.

Convert metric and standard measurements

All length and weight values are easily and automatically converted.

Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

TeslaMap is written in JAVA and C# for maximum cross-platform compatibility.

Export design summaries

All design parameters are grouped and formatted for easy study.

Check input values

All input values are checked for accuracy to help you avoid errors.

Additional Features

Calculate MMCs, primary coils, and secondary coil parameters.

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